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A worthy contender for the modern building material crown

Keep a competitive edge and select an AAC Block that's mega right...Meghalite Across the ages, the construction industry has witnessed a series of building material innovations. And one among the many innovative range of building material products ushered into the Indian markets is AAC (Autoclave Aerated Concrete). The ever-evolving construction industry has embraced AAC (Autoclave Aerated Concrete) cutting-edge technology as it stands out from the age-old methods of using conventional blocks. A worthy contender for the modern building material crown, Meghalite AAC Block comes loaded with a generation of new properties and smart features such as lite weight, strong, thermal & sound insulation, pest resistant and other core benefits which ease the process of construction. Meghalite AAC blocks are ideal for industrial, commercial and residential structures for different applications. So select the most promising building material and keep a competitive edge, use Meghalite AAC block.

The Meghalite AAC Block Story

A New Chapter in Construction:

Once upon a time , the construction industry faced a challenge in the bustling city of Bengaluru. They yearned for the best AAC blocks in town that could revolutionize their projects and bring forth a new era of construction excellence. Little did they know that their quest would lead them to the doorstep of Meghalite, the leading manufacturer and supplier of AAC blocks. Word spread like wildfire about the Meghalite AAC blocks, hailed as the epitome of quality and innovation. Builders and architects from all corners of Bengaluru flocked to witness the marvel for themselves. Meghalite AAC blocks stood tall as the best AAC blocks and brick suppliers and manufacturers in the city, a testimony to their dedication to craftsmanship.

Resilient Supply Chain

It was no secret that Meghalite had earned its reputation as the best AAC wholesale supplier. Their commitment to affordability was unmatched, allowing builders to access premium AAC blocks without straining their budgets. This was the chance for construction dreams to become a reality, where high quality and cost-effectiveness went hand in hand. In the heart of Bengaluru, the Meghalite manufacturing facility buzzed with activity. The team, driven by a passion for excellence, crafted each AAC block with precision and care. Their dedication to perfection propelled them to become the leading manufacturer of AAC blocks, setting a benchmark for the industry.

You Name It We Have It

The Meghalite AAC blocks found their place in every realm of construction. From commercial projects that shaped the skyline of the city to industrial structures that hummed with productivity, Meghalite AAC blocks proved their mettle. Even the residential sector embraced these blocks, creating homes that exuded elegance and durability. As the construction landscape evolved, Meghalite AAC blocks found their way into iconic structures that dotted the city. Grand malls came to life, constructed with precision and beauty. Apartments soared to new heights, offering a haven for residents. Meghalite AAC blocks were the secret behind these magnificent architectural marvels. But it wasn't just about construction but building a sustainable future. Meghalite AAC blocks were eco-friendly, supporting the vision of a greener world. The thermal insulation properties of these blocks reduced energy consumption, making them a perfect choice for environmentally conscious builders. Noise resistance became a hallmark of Meghalite AAC blocks, ensuring serenity within the walls of every structure.

Redefining the Skyline of Bengaluru

Stories of Meghalite AAC blocks spread far and wide, whispered among builders and architects as the key to success. The demand for these exceptional blocks soared, becoming the cornerstone of every construction project. The Meghalite touch transformed buildings into works of art, imbuing them with strength, resilience, and beauty. Today, as the sun sets on another bustling day in Bengaluru, the city stands tall, thanks to the Meghalite AAC blocks that shaped its skyline. The story of Meghalite is a testament to the power of innovation, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. Their journey as the pioneers of AAC blocks continues as they inspire generations of builders to push boundaries and construct a better future. And so, dear reader, if you embark on a construction endeavor in Bengaluru, remember the tale of Meghalite AAC blocks. Let their legacy guide you toward the best AAC blocks in the city, where affordability meets unparalleled quality. Experience the marvel of Meghalite AAC blocks and witness the transformation they bring to the construction world.

Meghalite AAC Blocks Benefits


Meghalite AAC blocks are an affordable, cost-efficient and eco—friendly substitution for red clay bricks. It's ideal for constructing edifices, thanks to its singular traits of high load bearing capacity and lite weight mass. What's more, Meghalite AAC blocks possess a well-defined porous structure and insulation property, when compared to other light-weight concrete materials. The presence of even air pockets ensure comparatively less weight in Meghalite AAC blocks, when compared with all other bricks in the market.


Meghalite AAC Blocks are unique and first-rate in the genre of building materials because they offer definitive work-ability, durability and suppleness along with sound insulation properties. The sound reduction index of the Meghalite AAC blocks are outstanding as per the global Sound Reduction Index that is used at international standards for evaluating the performance of acoustic properties of partition (wall) structure. The sounds in structures built with Meghalite AAC blocks get reflected due to its low sound absorption index of A0 and a very low sound transmission index of B3. This demonstrates the dissipation of sound traveling through Meghalite AAC and thus it is not transmitted.


Meghalite AAC blocks are reasonably effective against fire, and easily meet the rigorous requirements of fire safety — as they can resist fire up to 1200°C. The factional air pockets, within, augment thermal diffusion, to the tune of 60% of that of the clay brick. The impressive thermal insulation is able to hold out extreemely hot/cold environments with flying colours. The energy efficiency is enhanced as the heating and cooling prerequisites of structures using Meghalite AAC blocks are very modest regardless of the ambient temperatures.


The compressive strength of Meghalite AAC blocks ranges around 3.5-4N/m2 compared to just 2.5-3N/m2 of clay bricks


Thanks to the absence of organic components in the Meghalite AAC blocks, an extraordinary resistance against common pests, rodents as well as moulds is ensured.


By definition, energy efficiency refers to usage of less energy to perform a task. Through thermal insulation, Meghalite AAC walls provide this benefit by helping maintain appropriate internal and external temperatures, thus saving vital energy and cost.


The manufacturing process gives the blocks considerable strength, this along with their lite weight impart steadiness to a building, making it earthquake resistant..


The continual pores in Meghalite AAC structure are uniformly spread all over the blocks leading to minimal absorption due to reduced Capillary action. This property renders the Meghalite AAC blocks their brilliant anti- water seepage and absorption quality.


Since we have our unit located in Bengaluru itself, the breakage of blocks is 0%. The delivery is easier and quicker because of the unit being located close. This makes the entire set usable with no loss in the blocks..


The large dimension of Meghalite AAC blocks considerably reduces the number of blocks and the time to arrange them while building as compared to the red bricks. This reduces the installation time to a great extent. Masonry required is also eased out and the end result is cost effective.


Time consumed in building walls decreases due to lite weight of the product and its size advantage over conventional all other types of bricks. This decreases lead time as well as installation time


You would be surprised to know that water is not required for curing Meghalite AAC Blocks if Meghalite AAC Block jointing mortar is used. Only in the case of conventional mortar mix mortar joints that water is needed for curing.


Thermal insulation is one of the greatest benefits of using Meghalite AAC Blocks, as Meghalite AAC walls help maintain distinct internal and external temperatures, saving energy cost.


Noise reduction is essential in today's chaotic city life. Thanks to the sound transmission class rating of 44, Meghalite AAC blocks can be used as a sound barrier of 8" wall to shut out the hustle and bustle of urban roads.


Despite best efforts of the labourers, the conventional and other types of bricks cannot match the light weight and superior size of Meghalite AAC blocks. So with decreased lead and installation time, you can easily save on costs.


Unlike red bricks installation which is slow and tedious, Meghalite AAC blocks with enlarged dimension ensure faster building process and thus reduced project turnaround time. While the masonry work is brought down, a swift completion means built spaces can be sold or rented faster.


There is no chance of breakage of AAC blocks for buyers of Bengaluru as Meghalite has a unit within the garden city. Also, you can expect timely delivery of blocks with no loss, thanks to the favourable unit location.


The perpetual pores in Meghalite AAC blocks are unvaryingly spread all over each piece, resulting in minimal absorption owing to subdued Capillary action. This trait provides the Meghalite AAC blocks with no water seepage and minimal absorption performance.


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Meghalite AAC Blocks Advantages

Building a Solid Future with High Performance and Sustainable Solutions.

In the ever-evolving world of construction, innovation and efficiency are key factors that drive progress. In this realm, Meghalite AAC blocks emerge as the perfect solution, combining a myriad of exceptional properties that set them apart from conventional building materials. Let us delve into why Meghalite AAC blocks have become the preferred choice for builders and architects alike.

Energy Efficiency:

Meghalite AAC blocks are renowned for their energy efficiency. These blocks possess excellent thermal insulation properties, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling systems. This not only saves energy but also contributes to a greener environment.

Water Saving:

With a minimal absorption rate, Meghalite AAC blocks effectively resist water penetration. This ensures that the building remains free from dampness, preventing potential damage and saving water in the long run.

Fast Project Completion:

Time is of the essence in the construction industry, and Meghalite AAC blocks offer a significant advantage in this aspect. Their lightweight nature and easy installation make the construction process faster and more efficient, leading to timely project completion.

Energy Saving:

Meghalite AAC blocks contribute to energy savings by providing optimal thermal insulation. These blocks keep the interior temperature stable, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling and lowering energy consumption

Pest/Insect Resistant:

Meghalite AAC blocks inherently resist pests and insects. Their composition and structure create a barrier against unwanted intruders, ensuring a safe and hygienic living or working environment.

Fire Resistant:

Safety is paramount in any construction project, and Meghalite AAC blocks prioritize it. These blocks exhibit excellent fire resistance, preventing the spread of flames and minimizing the risk of property damage.

Sound Suppression:

Peaceful living and working environments are essential, and Meghalite AAC blocks deliver on this front. With their superior sound suppression capabilities, these blocks effectively reduce noise transmission, providing a tranquil atmosphere.

Light in Cost and Weight

Meghalite AAC blocks offer the advantage of being lightweight, making them easier to handle and transport. Additionally, their cost-effectiveness makes them a practical choice for builders, combining quality and affordability.

Non-Toxic Chemicals:

Meghalite AAC blocks are manufactured using non-toxic chemicals, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for occupants. These blocks are free from harmful substances, making them an ideal choice for sustainable construction.

High-Quality Products:

: Meghalite prides itself on delivering high-quality AAC blocks. Each block undergoes stringent quality control measures to ensure durability, strength, and long-lasting performance.

Easy Installation:

Meghalite AAC blocks are designed for easy installation, simplifying the construction process. Their precise dimensions and lightweight nature facilitate quick and hassle-free installation, saving time and effort

Requires Less Plastering:

The surface of Meghalite AAC blocks is smooth and uniform, requiring minimal plastering. This further reduces construction time and costs, enhancing overall efficiency.


Meghalite AAC blocks are engineered for durability and longevity. With proper maintenance, these blocks can withstand the test of time, ensuring the stability and integrity of the structure.

0% Breakage:

The manufacturing process of Meghalite AAC blocks is meticulous, resulting in blocks with zero breakage. Builders can rely on the consistent quality of these blocks, minimizing wastage and ensuring a smooth construction process.

Cost Saving:

Meghalite AAC blocks offer significant cost savings in the long run. With their energy efficiency, reduced maintenance requirements, and durability, builders can achieve substantial savings throughout the structure’s lifespan.

Earthquake Resistant:

Safety against natural disasters is a crucial consideration in construction, and Meghalite AAC blocks excel in this aspect. These blocks exhibit excellent earthquake resistance, providing stability and protection to structures.

High Strength and Low Density:

Meghalite AAC blocks boast an impressive combination of high and low density. These blocks are engineered to withstand heavy loads and external pressures while maintaining their lightweight composition. The high strength ensures structural integrity, making them ideal for various construction applications.

Meghalite AAC Blocks Calculator

Overall Length of wall( L ) in ft:

Height of wall in ft:

Wall thickness:

Number of Blocks :
Volume of Blocks :
No of Jointing mortar bags(40kg/bag): kg


  • These are estimated calculations based on assumptions of working conditions.
  • Cement: sand assumed at 1:6 for mortar.
  • Please read technical specifications of Jointing Mortar.
  • Meghalite AAC Blocks is no way responsible for any deviations or claims on above.
  • One 17 MT Truck contains load of 25 cu.m.
  • One 21 MT Truck contains load of 32 cu.m.

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